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Membership Plans

A simple no hassle membership structure

Here at Dream Support, we believe in the value we provide our members.  That is why we do not believe in long term contracts.

Our membership is simple and cost effective.  You are a member as long as you want to be!

Please contact us to discuss our plans, pricing, and how to become a part of our family.

Integrated Care Coordination

Interview and Assessment

Customized Care Plan

Connect, Integrate and Monitor

Our members are free to interview multiple care coordinators to select the right Dream Support coordinator to engage.

Upon selection, our care coordinator will arrrange for an intake meeting to capture our member and their families requirements and wishes.  Our care coordinator will then conduct a proprietary assessment of our member to build a customized care plan.

The customized care plan is tailored to a member's specific situation and is approved by the member and his/her family.  Psychosocial and functional assesments are integrated into our care planning and geriatric assesment to ensure our members safety and well-being.

At your request, we take care of the administrative burden to connect you with your chosen service providers and to establish communication with your Dream Support Team.  Our care coordinators ensure communication and support are being integrated among all of our members support team.

Essential Membership

Our core membership sets the standard of excellence in care coordination and provides safety, security, and peace of mind to our members.

Membership includes in person visits, telephone communication, alerts and warnings through DreamBase, access to our preferred directory of service providers, and access to our member website.


Premiere Membership

The premium level of membership provides for the most benefits with the highest level of coverage and offers even more personalized service.  Includes weekly in person visits, as well as a range of administrative solutions that ease the burden of a care taker while delivering great value to our member.


On Demand Services

​Dream Support offers additional services that drive high value to our members and their families while not presenting a conflict of interest.  Our care coordinators are available for specific projects or tasks in addition to our membership options.

Please inquire with your care coordinator or call (844) 413-7326 for additional details.


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